Bathymetric Mapping

LakeTech is one of only a few select Navico Biobase Ambassadors in the world! Navico, is one of the largest manufacturers of specialized marine electronics sonar and bathymetric mapping equipment such as Lowrance, Simrad, B&G and C-Map. Ambassadors like LakeTech are selected for their demonstrated knowledge/competency of survey data collection procedures, Lowrance or Simrad hardware, and BioBase map processing. Ambassadors also must demonstrate competence in the Aquatic Industry including publications, professional presentations, service on relevant boards/committees, and/or involvement in professional societies.

BioBase cloud-based algorithms process and create reports and layered maps in GIS from the processed sonar data. These reports will allow clients to establish a lake baseline to monitor changes in water volume, contour, sedimentation, and plant biomass. The resulting bathymetric mapping data can be used to identify areas of concern, evaluate results of management activities, and develop fact-supported recommendations to improve lake conditions over time.

Our standard bathymetry report will provide metrics such as: water volume, max depth, average depth, sediment hardness/softness and the distribution and abondance of submersed aquatic vegetation. These metrics are fundamental to developing successful lake management projects related to the installation and placement of aeration systems, calculating an accurate rate of aquatic products like dye, pesticides or beneficial bacteria, and  for aquatic pest control. Having these accurate measures results in more effective management programs and better allocation of resources. 

To learn more about our credentials and how our bathymetric mapping service can help improve the water quality at your lake, give LakeTech a call today.