Water Quality Monitoring

Water monitoring solutions you can rely on. Data you can trust.
LakeTech supplies equipment designed to work together that meets the diverse requirements for effective and efficient water monitoring in lakes, rivers, streams, wetlands, estuaries and coastal environments.  Whether you’re monitoring for harmful algal blooms, eutrophication, or other hydrologic phenomena, our solutions are engineered for maximum reliability and minimal maintenance to help you spot trends and catch events before they happen.
Our systems are fully customizable to meet the needs of your lake or waterbody. Laketech staff can handle all the service and maintenance, warranties, and deployment.  Designed with the novice lake manager or citizen scientist in mind, our buoys are cost effective, simple to deploy and easy to use, yet they provide the same quality data required by even the most rigorous academic institutions or government agencies. We have numerous strategies for deployment in a wide range of environments to ensure the safety of the equipment and those around it. 

Best of all, our proprietary platform takes all the work out of the analysis by providing a platform that seamlessly overlays real-time weather, lab samples, references and more. No more hours in front of excel, simply connect your buoy to your account, drag and drop your data, and watch your graphs come to life!